FiFo Mining Charters

Many mining company workers choose to fly in fly out to the mining towns. . However, many of the workers are arriving with no money and little insurance coverage to travel off-road, navigate unfamiliar terrain, or even get back to their mining job once they return home.

To keep all the mining company workers, long distance truck drivers, and air charter pilots well-insured and well-protected, a FIFO air charter company has been serving the community of Wolf Creek, Montana for years. A flight up on the air, then an airplane ride home makes the important business trips a much easier task.

This opportunity provides peace of mind to those who fly in fly out, as well as providing safe transportation. There are no delays that might make a return trip a nightmare. There are no delays because the flying company has no aircraft available if there is a delay. It is often only when there is a delay in the air that the fly in fly out crew knows the trip is going to be delayed.

Any schedule delays on the private aircraft, often results in their having to charter another aircraft to make the scheduled flight. When that happens, the private air charter company takes on the responsibility to make sure there is ample time for the trip to arrive on time. Therefore, rather than having to be “on time” by the last flight, the fly in fly out crew can get their customers home safely, take a couple of hours to relax and rest, and then fly back to the mine site.

The fly in fly out air charter company will fly passengers first into the town of Wolf Creek, then pick them up at the airport and fly them home. They then fly the rest of the way as needed.

The cost for this service is determined by the size of the aircraft. When the client has a large group of people, the charge will be lower. These companies have experienced pilots and mechanics, so there are no problems during takeoffs and landings, no delays, and the flying conditions are always the best possible.

Sometimes, the need for the private plane or helicopter is for some reason, including emergency needs. These companies provide for all emergencies. This may include getting a frightened or injured miner to his location and out of the woods quickly.

All of these services are provided by the same private air charter company that has been in the small town of Wolf Creek, Montana for many years. They have a team of pilots, mechanics, and backroom employees who can answer all of your questions about the industry. They also offer service loans, which are used in the event that there is damage to the airplane, which is covered by insurance.