Dan Croke Travel Guides

Writing a travel guide can be tricky business. While most people who write travel guides seem to love what they do and enjoy doing it, some people find that the actual process of writing a travel guide is quite daunting and difficult. However, with the right tips you can write a travel guide that will be very useful. Here are some tips on how to write a travel guide that will be beneficial to those who read them:

What to Include in a Travel Guide: First and foremost, a travel guide should have all of the information that someone looking for will need to enjoy their trip. This includes the places that the person is going to and all the hotels, restaurants, and attractions that are located within that area. However, if you complicate your guide too much and make it difficult for the reader to know, then you will not be very helpful. This is why it is important to develop a structure which helps the readers navigate the text: People are not going to read a travel guide cover to cover in order to know where to go. Instead, they will read your guide as part of a larger picture.

How to Write a Travel Guide: Finally, in order to write a travel guide, you must make sure that you include a map that is easily accessible to the reader. While a map may seem like a simple part of the guide, it is actually very important. Not only does it show the reader the general direction that they should be going, but it also tells the reader where they will be staying while they are traveling. Make sure that the map is color coded so that the reader knows exactly where they should be going. While you want the reader to use the map in your guide, it is also important to tell them when they should not be using it. For instance, you should not include a map that shows the directions to a place that is too far away from where the traveler is staying.

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